41.5 years old, on holidays and traveling as a couple. This is the domestic tourist in Destination Barcelona.

09/02/2021 - 10:30h

The Observatory of Tourism in Barcelona completes the series of analysis reports on the national market in Destination Barcelona

  • The typical profile of the Spanish tourist in Destination Barcelona is a 41.5-year-old person, with university studies, who travels as a couple for leisure reasons and arrives by private vehicle.
  • Transport and accommodation are mostly booked directly through the ​companies.
  • The most valued aspects by the Spanish tourist are the character and kindness of the local people, the accommodation, the safety in the municipalities and the restaurant services.
  • Food and drink is the item where more resources are spent during the stay.

The Observatory of Tourism in Barcelona concludes the analysis on the Spanish market in Destination Barcelona with the release of the last Destination Barcelona national market report, which completes the Barcelona city and Barcelona region reports.

The typical profile of the Spanish tourist in Destination Barcelona is a 41.5-year-old person, with university studies (50.8%), who works as a salaried employee (64.0%), travels as a couple (42.6%) or alone (29.8%), for leisure reasons (53.2%) and arrives by private vehicle (46.8%), although it must be reminded that the most used means to get to Barcelona city is the train (42.7%).

When planning the trip to Destination Barcelona, domestic tourists use the information provided from both, websites and friends and relatives. They usually hire the transport to get to the destination through the company's website, and they book their accommodation through OTAs (online travel agencies), being Booking most used-one.

As for the type of accommodation they choose, 51.1% of national tourists stay in hotels, followed by those who stay with relatives and friends (19.2%) and in campsites (13.4%). Their average stay stands at 4 nights, slightly above the average registered by domestic tourism throughout the Spanish territory in 2019, 3.7 nights.

The Spanish tourists in Destination Barcelona are attracted by the character and kindness of the local people, the accommodation, the safety in the municipalities and the restaurant services.

Finally, the national market allocates more than half of its spending during the stay on food and drinks, and the rest is distributed, in this order, on shopping, entertainment and internal transport. Thus, the expense per person and night is €45.9, which is below the average of all tourists in Destination Barcelona (€69.9).

For more information, read the Domestic market in Destination Barcelona results (in Catalan)



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