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3 out of 5 tourists visit the destination municipality for leisure

11/06/2024 - 12:00h

The OTB presents the monthly report on the Profile and Habits of Tourists in Destination Barcelona

The Observatory of Tourism in Barcelona: city and region has published the monthly report on the Profile and Habits of Tourists in the Destination of Barcelona for May 2024, which provides data on the monthly tourist activity about the three usual geographical areas that the OTB covers Barcelona city, Barcelona region, and Destination Barcelona.

In this report, we can see how the typical tourist profile who has visited Destination Barcelona is that of a man (64.9%), with an average age of 40.7 years, who has traveled for leisure (61.3%) and who visit the municipality for an overnight stay for the first time (54.0%).

As for the travel group, we can highlight that in both Barcelona city and Barcelona region tourists who came as a couple were the most common (35.8% and 45.1% respectively).

The plane has been positioned, for another month, as the most used means of transport to reach the Destination Barcelona (65.1%), to the detriment of the private vehicle (22.7%) and the train (9.0%). In Barcelona city, 82.4% of tourists have arrived in the city by air, while in Barcelona region, 52.1% have done it by private car.

For another month, when traveling within the municipality, the majority of tourists in Destination Barcelona have chosen to do it on foot (36.5%) or by metro (22.5%).

On the other hand, 15.7% of the Destination's tourists have made an excursion outside the municipality of overnight stay. This proportion remained higher in Barcelona region (31.4%) than in Barcelona city (6.1%).

During the stay, which 4.1 days on average, doing cultural visits (55.0), shopping (46.2%) and going to the beach (45.5%) have been the most popular activities.

An 8.6%-increase in the total expense during the stay per person per day has been observed compared to the previous months, with a value of €84.90. Also, as historically, most of this expenditure is still spent on food and drink, followed, in that order, by shopping, culture and internal transport.

The average overall rating of the municipalities visited was 8.61 out of 10. The best rated aspect this month was the character and friendliness of the people (8.67). Noteworthy that while in Barcelona city the character and friendliness of the people (8.60), the public transport (8.59) and the bars and restaurants (8.49) were the most highly rated items by tourists, in Barcelona region it was the personal security (8,93), the character and friendliness of the people (8.78) and the natural environment (8.52).

More information: Results report. Profile and habits of tourists in Destination Barcelona May 2024


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