Solid recovery of the professional events in Destination Barcelona

27/07/2023 - 10:30h

The Barcelona Convention Bureau presents the results of meetings tourism during 2022 in Destination Barcelona.

The accumulated demand in the MICE sector during the pandemic years, boosted a progressive and solid recovery of events at the Destination, corresponding with the lifting of most travel restrictions within Europe in spring and also in the United States at the beginning of the summer, and also despite the different challenges that emerged throughout the year, both of a geopolitical and economic nature.

The total number of meetings registered for the Destination Barcelona as a whole was 1,639, approaching pre-pandemic levels, with a 94.6% recovery compared to 2019. Of these meetings, 1,173 were within the corporate area (conventions and incentives), and 466 in the associative area (conferences, conferences and courses). The main venues were in hotels (74.2%) and private auditoriums (11.5%) and mainly were held in May, June, September and October. By sectors, the most prominent were medical, industrial and technological. The economic impact that these meetings brought to the Destination Barcelona was €904.30 million.

Regarding the number of delegates, the total was 553,242, registering a lower recovery (83.2% compared to 2019) mainly due to the restrictions that were persisting throughout the world (especially in Asia) affecting especially the events of the first quarter such as the Mobile World Congress. 52.5% of the delegates were from the associative area, while 47.5% from the corporate area. By volume of attendees, 44.1% of the meetings had less than 100 delegates, 31.8% between 100 and 249 delegates, whilst 24.1% held meetings of more than 250 delegates. By origin, 83.2% were international.


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