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Destination Barcelona scores 8.56 out of 10 on the online reputation index

18/01/2024 - 11:00h

This index gathers the aggregate online rating of the destination's accommodation, restaurants and tourist attractions.

Vivential Value and the OTB present the results of the Online Tourist Reputation Index (iRON®) of Destination Barcelona 2023 report with the aim of quantifying the aggregate rating of the accommodation, restaurants and tourist attractions of Destination Barcelona, based on the scores published by users on a selection of the main online tourism platforms.

The study, which gathers data from a sample of almost 9 million opinions from more than 38,000 resources in the three geographical areas usually analysed by OTB (Barcelona city, Barcelona region and Destination Barcelona), compares the obtained results in 2018 (the last year of analysis of the three areas) with those of 2023. For the first time, the results obtained by the companies and services with the Biosphere Commitment Certificate have been compared with and those of the rest.

These are the main results obtained in this edition:

  • The volume of online reviews has grown by 69%, mainly due to the increase in reviews of tourist attractions, which have increased by +196% in Barcelona city and +116% in Barcelona region. Almost 8 out of every 10 online reviews analysed are in Barcelona city.
  • The tourist experience in Destination Barcelona receives an iRON® score of 8.56 out of 10.
  • By geographical area, Barcelona city obtaines an overall rating of 8.64 and Barcelona region, 8.27. In both cases, the results obtained have improved compared to the 2018 edition.
  • By theme, accommodation and restaurants obtained very similar scores (8.17 and 8.18, respectively), while attractions stand out with a rating close to 9. Barcelona city also achieves a higher iRON® in all the sectors analysed: accommodation, restaurants and attractions.
  • Of the attractions, cultural resources are the ones with the highest iRON® scores, with ratings above 9, both in Barcelona city and in Barcelona region.
  • Of the 400 points of tourist interest (PITs), 19 of the 20 with the highest number of opinions are in the city of Barcelona.
  • If the companies and services with a Biosphere Commitment Certificate ratings are compared with those of the rest, it can be seen that the former obtain a higher iRON® than the latter (8.77 vs. 8.50). However, if the analysis is made by type of resource, accommodation with Biosphere certification has higher ratings than the rest (8.42 vs. 8.14), restaurants, lower (7.82 vs. 8.19) and attractions, similar (8.95 vs. 8.98).


More information: Online Tourist Reputation Index (iRON®) of Destination Barcelona 2023 (in Catalan)


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