Who we are


The Observatori del Turisme a Barcelona: ciutat i regió (OTB) is the working platform for statistical information on tourism, knowledge and market intelligence in the city of Barcelona and the rest of Barcelona region. It is composed by the Barcelona City Council, ​​the Barcelona Regional Council, ​​the Cambra de Comerç de Barcelona and the consortium Turisme de Barcelona.

The OTB was presented in June 2017: it was the culmination of the joint work made from 2015 by the Barcelona City Council, the Barcelona Regional Council and the consortium Turisme de Barcelona. The OTB aims to give an integral vision of Destination Barcelona with the knowledge needed to manage and promote tourism, as a synergy result and the desire to promote knowledge and market intelligence in tourism of each of the institutions.


The confluence in the object of research and the importance of an empirical tourism approach, have led into a successful work, designing new knowledge perspectives. The OTB is also a tool to transfer and agglutinate tourism knowledge, optimizing the investment of economic and human resources, with the integration of individual projects of each of the entities into larger and shared studies.

Likewise, the new Cambra de Comerç de Barcelona membership to the OTB in 2019 gives a wider vision, which strengthens the transversal and disseminating nature of the project.

Besides, the OTB is one of the key actions to develop in the Strategic Plan of Tourism in Barcelona 2020, a fact that also represents the alignment that the OTB has in the design of the new Barcelona Destination Marketing Plan that was presented during 2019.

Our mission

  • To generate knowledge by providing analysis, description and evaluation of the tourism activity and monitor it intelligently and transversally with the rest of the productive sectors.
  • To contribute to the sustainability of tourism activity in all its dimensions.
  • To establish common methodological criteria in the quantification and characterization of tourism activity.
  • To provide and accelarate decision making by actively transferring stakeholders linked to the activity to increase their competitiveness and citizens’ quality of life, from academia, public administration, private companies and citizens themselves.
  • To promote the city and the region as an international reference in the area of sustainable tourism observation in urban areas, as well as sharing knowledge.
  • To actively contribute to the upcoming Tourist Intelligence System of Catalonia.

Lines of work

  • Tourist Profile and Habits Program in Barcelona
  • Sustainable Tourism Indicators System Program
  • Online Tourism Reputation Program in Barcelona
  • Specialized Products and Markets Study Program


The publications of the OTB are grouped into two types:

  • Statistical publications where the main data generated in the destination are collected (demand, accommodation offer, infrastructure, profile, visitors to tourist attractions, etc.)
  • Monographic publications of specialized products and markets


The OTB is a working platform which joins the four institution professional teams focused on the production of statistical data on tourism: the LABturisme of the Barcelona Regional Council, ​​the Knowledge and Tourism Foresight Department of the Barcelona City Council, ​​the Cabinet of Economic Studies and Infrastructures of the Cambra de Comerç and the Research and Market Intelligence Department of the consortium Turisme de Barcelona.

The OTB has worked cooperatively between entities so far. However, from 2019 on, the OTB has taken a step forward to consolidate the project and provide it with new expansion future perspectives.

Thanks to the agreement signed in January 2019 between the Barcelona City Council, the Barcelona Regional Council and the Consortium Turisme de Barcelona, ​​the OTB acquires technical structure and establishes its headquarters in the consortium. In this way, the ability to generate and manage knowledge for the whole destination is enhanced.

Geographical Area

The OTB has three territorial levels of data analysis:


A) Barcelona city


B) Barcelona Region (Barcelona province except Barcelona city)


C) Destination Barcelona (Barcelona province as a whole)