Destination Barcelona tourism forecast 09/07/2021

09/07/2021 - 11:00h

The Observatory of Tourism in Barcelona updates the Destination Barcelona tourism forecast report.

The Observatory of Tourism in Barcelona updates the Destination Barcelona tourism forecast report as of 09/07/2021. This report highlights the effects of Covid-19 on the tourism sector.


Covid-19 situation

Covid-19 preventive measures continue despite the increasing number of worldwide vaccinations.

In Catalonia, from the 09/07 to the 23/07, the following measures affect the tourism sector:

  • Restaurants and bars: 50% of capacity on the inside and 100% on the outside of the establishments. Opening hours from 06.00 am to 01.00 h. 
  • Commerce: 70% of capacity on shops without surface limit
  • Professional events: allowed at 70% of their capacity
  • Culture: 70% of capacity in museums, exhibition centers, cinemas and concert halls until 23 h. Antigenic tests are required for those events with more than 500 unseated assistants.
  • Nightlife: closed except totally outdoor venues.
  • Sports: public is not allowed in international or national professional football or basketball competitions
  • Amusement parks: 50% of capacity


Source markets

The EU Digital COVID certificate is already operational. In Spain, the entrance of passengers from EU countries (or zones) with risk is allowed if one of the following is presented:

1. Vaccination certificate

2. Diagnosis certificate

3. Recovery certificate

The rest of EU passengers are accepted without any certificate. However, some countries have recommended not to travel to Spain (and particularly Catalonia), because of the current epidemiological situation.

On the other hand, passengers traveling from intercontinental countries are also accepted as long as they present the vaccination certificate

Noteworthy is that from the 02/07 passengers coming from the UK will have to show a vaccination or a diagnosis certificate. Meanwhile, the USA have entered to the list of intercontinental countries from which no certificates are required.

The entry measures for passengers coming from India, South Africa and Brazil are maintained. 


Transportation offer

The global airlines capacity during 05/07 week has decreased by -33.6%, and in Spain, by -36.5% (var. 21/19). However, Spain has experienced a week-on-week growth of +9.6%, which means that more than 200,000 new seats in a single week have been added.

The forecasts show an important recovery in the number of seats operated worldwide over the coming weeksalthough it must be reminded that airlines continue to readjust their flight schedules week after week.

During the next week, 4 cruise ships will leave or make an stopover at the Port of Barcelona.


Tourist offer and professional events

In Barcelona city, 202 hotels with 44,275 beds remain open. The Eixample, the Gothic Quarter, and Sant Martí are the districts with more available offer.

Beasides, 88.6% of the cultural facilities in Barcelona city are open, while more restrictive measures for the development of cultural, popular, and sports activities are being added: antigenic tests are required for those events with more than 500 unseated assistants.

As for the professional events, it must be highlighted that there are 99 confirmed congresses for the upcoming years, 31 in 2021. Meanwhile, about 90 applications are open until 2027.


Tourist demand

Over the last week, Google searches from Spain for both Barcelona city and Destination Barcelona have increasedMost of the searches for both geographical areas keep coming from Catalonia.

The Barcelona flights and accommodation searches achieve their best positioning on the Dutch, the French, the Italian and the Spanish markets, followed by Germany and the United Kingdom. Destination Barcelona has ranked, 11th in searches of accommodation and 9th in searches of flights in the ranking of international destinations worldwide.

The hotel bookings in Barcelona city over the last week (27/06-03/07) have slightly increased: while two weeks ago, 50.2% of bookings had been made, last week, they were 53.8% compared to the series peak (January 2020). However, over the same week, the volume of hotel reservations in Barcelona region has been lower: while two weeks ago, 72.9% of bookings have been made, last week, they were 63.8% compared to the series peak (June 2020). 

In Barcelona city, the international bookings (64.2%) have been predominant once again. Meanwhile, national reservations (55.4%) keep being higher than the domestic ones in Barcelona region.


Destination Barcelona tourism forecast (09/07/2021)


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